FL-AL Toy Breeds Club


  Mobile-Baldwin Alabama - Escambia-Santa Rosa Florida

Click button below to pay dues with PayPal. Please note that your payment option is a "donation" to the club.

Enter $20 for single adult membership.

Enter $30 for family membership.

Enter $10 for a junior membership.

We appreciate  your DONATION! PLEASE note: PayPal charges us 3% to accept payments, however, if you have a PayPal account and you go directly to PayPal to login. You can send your payment directly to flaltoybreeds@gmail.com as you would send money to family or friends and we will get the whole amount IF the funds are deducted from your PayPal balance or you have your bank account as your funding source. Using your debit or charge card will still incur the fee for us. I hate to deny PayPal their 3% but hey, it adds up.

Pay Entry fees for match: $5.00 per dog $20 Maximum for a household.


Use your PayPal account or Debit/Credit Card to pay.